Weekly Wishlist: The Post Christmas Edit

Post Christmas Wishlist

1 Heart Piggy Bank 2 Honestly Healthy Cook Book 3 Furnitive Tea Light Set

4 Thank You Cards 5 Is it Just Me by Miranda Hart 6 Stallion printed Cushion

Hi everyone! I hope you had a fab christmas with all the trimmings. It is now the day after boxing day, which means that real life will soon take hold of us again, with its treacherous lack of mince pies and mulled wine! Here are some ideas to make the transition kinder and to ease you into the New Year!

So, what is the logic behind my choices? Let’s see shall we…

I love this piggy bank from John Lewis because it is a great classic way to save a penny or two after a season of jollyness! Furthermore, after having metaphorically (or literally) eaten all the pies, the Honestly Healthy Cook Book is a wonderful way to get back on the right nutritious path. But have no fear – the authors of this wonderful recipe book, Natasha Corrett  and Vicki Edgson, have a knack for putting the yum into wholesome.

Does anyone else follow the rule that 12 days after christmas all those decorations need to be down? Me neither.. I am far too disorganised! But at some point they do have to come down, which can make the place look far duller that you remembered. Keep the colour going after the decorations come down, with these wonderful Fashion For Home colourful tea light holder set and this lovely Stallion print cushion!

While watching that DVD you got from a friend or drinking that sparkling wine your parents kindly gave you, its easy to forget to say thanks – especially if you didn’t get to see them on Christmas day. This is why I was drawn to these charming and simple “Thank you muchly” cards. They say it all!

Finally, the New Year and January can bring with them a serious lull. Why not lighten the tone with this book from comedian Miranda Hart called “Is It Just Me?”, where she highlights awkward, hilarious and relatable episodes from her life. She has been named “Comedian Queen” thanks to this book!

“Warning: you will laugh out loud on public transport while reading this!” (Closer Magazine )


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