Weekly Wishlist: a sweet kind of tough


a collection of items for home decor inspiration

 1. origami carambola flowers   2. Lloop pendant lights by Vij5  3. Tallrik Revolver plate by AprillAprill   4. Cacti via Svpply  5. Sand cast Brass Pot Stands from Mjölk  6. Studio Copenhagen Light Blue Cushion from Fashion For Home

Well, here we are with another Weekly Wishlist – collecting items for home design inspiration. My choices this week feel sweetly tough, don’t you think? I do love such contradictions. On the tough side, we’ve got metal, geometry, spikes. However, contributing to the sweet side, we’ve got some elegance, nature and restrain. Subdued colours and strong lines, violence and the shatter-able, life and pain …. it’s like there’s this strong versus soft push and pull taking place.

I really, really want a big cactus for my apartment :)

What’s on your wish list this week?


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  1. Albertina says:

    love the pendants! ANd how interesting that you can make the cord longer or shorter. Very practical.

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