Visiting: YOnkel Ork


YOnkel Ork-berlin-shop | We Heart Home

Over the weekend I discovered a little shop in my neighbourhood: YOnkel Ork. Love the name! With all the bright, fun decor streamers outside, how could I not enter? Once inside I was transported to a land of fun, cuteness and curiosities!

YOnkel Ork-berlin-shop | We Heart Home

YOnkel Ork-berlin-shop | We Heart Home

YOnkel Ork-berlin-shop | We Heart Home

YOnkel Ork-berlin-shop | We Heart Home

YOnkel Ork-berlin-shop | We Heart Home

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There were people coming in and out of this shop like you wouldn’t believe! Of course, my pictures don’t tell that side of the story. I waited patiently for person-poor photo opportunities, which gave me some time to talk with Sonja, the owner of the shop. She is a vibrant, enthusiastic lady who wore a pretty red flower clip in her hair. Her love for her shop and her products makes just being in YOnkel Ork a real pleasure. She opened the doors just over a year ago and hasn’t looked back.

If you’re in Berlin, do pass by.  It’s the perfect place to find a gift for anyone. You’ll be entertained no doubt – and guaranteed you’ll smile! Say hello to Sonja for me ;)

For more info and updates about YOkel Ork, visit the website and like the Facebook Page.


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  1. Yes, am sure I would find something in there… washi tape:-)

    Glad you discovered this shop… I think Gerard would have cardiac arrest!! xx

    • Holly says:

      Lol! If G came with us to the shop I’m sure he would enjoy himself ;)

      I’m so glad I discovered it too! I have to go back for THE sweetest travel coffee mug ever. Just didn’t have it in my colour, but more to come in stock soon!


  2. Yes I am hyperventilating here! Not really ;-) I’d love to go with you both to YOnkel Ork… which sounds like something from the wonderful Moomins. I know I’d find something for my nephews if not for me. That said, I love those quirky little dolls.


  3. Anja says:

    Such a great place. Love it. Really cute. :)

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