The kitchen has commonly been refered to as the heart of the home. Here we share recipes we've tried and recipes to try. We hope they are all drool-inducing!

Healthy Fish Taco recipe

Healthy Meals for the New Year

Many of us found ourselves fully indulging in all the delicious goodness on offer at the dinner table. I feel like I completely overindulged – and quite rightly! That’s what that time of year is for! But now, I am trying to get back on the path of righteous nutrition. I found some absolutely divine looking recipes from around the […] Read more »

barley and pecorino

Vegetarian Recipes for Christmas

Today, I was thinking about Christmas and how dominated it is by meat. Don’t get my wrong – as a meat-eater that is great for me. But I have often seen vegetarian friends’ faces drop as everyone tucked into their steaming hot turkey and gravy and they are served with a pile of beige matter often feebly named “nut roast”. […] Read more »

Pork Dumplings

Recipe: Pork Dumplings

Happy Weekend everyone! The sun just came out on what has been a very dreary few weeks here in Berlin. As part of my autumn regime, I like to make myself lots of deliciously warming snacks. Here is one such experiment! I got the recipe for these pork dumplings on Spoon Fork Bacon. So easy to make – I just popped […] Read more »

chicken and pesto pasties

Recipe: Pasties for Autumn

Autumn brings with it a sense & yearning for warmth and cosiness. For me, other than a hot pot of tea – constantly refilled throughout the day, pies and pasties are the quickest route to this goal. You can just chuck anything in them, and as long as you have a bit of garlic and onion, some salt and pepper, […] Read more »

bread recipes

Recipes: it’s a bread thang

Having grown up without a particular penchant for bread, it has only been in the past few years that I have tried, baked and experimented with different bread flavours. So, this post pays homage to the vast variety of bread recipes you can find in the blogosphere! Both sweet and savory – with or without yeast! 1. Cinnamon Cardamon Kringel […] Read more »

vanilla rice pudding with orange compote

Recipes: Rice Pudding

I know a lot of people think that rice pudding is more of a winter dessert. Traditionally they would be right. But I think a nice rice pudding served cold with some fruit, is a wonderfully appropriate dessert for summer. Additionally… let’s not forget that in some places like Australia and Argentina… it is winter now! So, I have included […] Read more »

barbecue sauce recipe

The Perfect Independence Day Barbecue

I may not be American, but I do love a good barbecue. So, as tomorrow is Independence Day – the ideal occasion for some grilled meats and delicious salads – I thought I would share some recipes which are the perfect addition to a barbecue. I found these recipes on Samantha’s blog Five Heart Home, where she has homely and […] Read more »

French onion soup

A Hearty French Meal

So, last week I admitted to you all my love of Paris and all things french. I do love a good French meal as well, so, this week I thought I would share some of my favourite french foods with you. This would be a delightful meal – and yes it is hearty because let’s face it, the weather we […] Read more »

Rhubarb eton Mess

Summer Desserts

As you may or may not know, I am a bit of  a cake fanatic – but let’s face it, cake is far better in the winter season when you need the extra layers of fat to warm you up and the buttery sponge to make you feel better. I think we are well and truly no longer in winter […] Read more »