Sharing our favourite diy tuorials that we'd love to try and also some of our very own.

DIY Home: 6 great ideas for planters | We Heart Home

DIY: 6 great ideas for planters

I own two plants. One cactus in a terracotta pot and one Dracaena-type plant in a plain white pot. I’ve been meaning to do something interesting with these pots. I once found a great gold leaf tutorial for terracotta pots that got me really inspired (and which I have listed below), but I wanted to see what other ideas were […] Read more »

free printable labels

Our Home Printables

Happy Monday! Holly and I are really excited to show you all our Home Printables that we designed for our friends over at FASHION FOR HOME. Our thinking behind these free printable labels, was that labels to beautify and order your kitchen can either be very bland or very over-the-top. As FASHION FOR HOME is more about beautiful home design, […] Read more »

DIY colourful bowl

3 Awesome Home DIYs

I don’t know if it’s Spring that has given me new energy, but I have been wanting to try out some easy home DIYs to make my flat look more alive. I found these three and I love them all.. and they are all pretty doable. Thanks to SabrinaSue, Kristen & Rhiannon for sharing these! They are wonderful: 1. DIY […] Read more »

DIY Envelope lining

DIY: Envelope Liners

Hello everyone! Today, we have an EXTREMELY easy and effective DIY for you, in the form of these beautiful envelope liners. While we are going to be using these for Easter cards, they can be used for any occasion – you just have to use the right paper. We used wrapping paper but any kind of paper will do – […] Read more »

handmade xmas cards

DIY Tutorial: Christmas cards with ribbon

Holly and I were looking around the “blogosphere” for some homemade christmas card ideas. We stumbled accross this lovely blog Pinjacolada and absolutely love these minimalist christmas tree cards. What do you guys think? While Holly loves the minimalism of the yarn, I wanted to add some christmas sparkle with some glittery, thick ribbons instead. We compromised by going for […] Read more »