Style Guide: The French Look

Hi everyone. Welcome to the second in our Style Guide series – this time its the French Look:




What do you all think? Is the French Look you kind of thing… or are you still waiting for the Style Guide for you? We would love to know which styles people want to see in our Style Guide series! Here are some great and diverse French looks to give you a bit more inspiration!!

French Kitchen

French Interiors

French Interiors

French interiors

French Interiors

French Interiors

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  1. Albertina says:

    beautiful!! I love some french style for sure….it makes any room sophisticated.

  2. Igor says:

    Vive la France! I am ever inspired by this country, its people, its cuisine, its nature. Love it!

  3. Nice post… but the French country look stops in the French countryside for me. It’s too rustic & charming. I would be feeling the urge to strip it all back & have a clear out ;-)

    • Trisha says:

      MMm rustic and charming is my favourite! Although… too rustic can be a bit odd in an urban environment. I guess I will just have to move to a small village in France…


  4. Yes, rustic in the countryside… it’s a bit twee sometimes but when done well it’s great!!

  5. Thera says:

    Love the look, just beautiful, what classical song is used?

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