Rooms We Heart: fabulous entryways

An entry way in an important part of any home. It’s where first impressions happen, it’s what you come home to. I chose a few images to share of entryways done right – in my opinion anyways.



Be Exposed.

I am a big fan of this concept. When you are forced to have things out in the open, you make better choices about what’s there. Plus it feels very casual and welcoming.



Be Bold.

Big prints, bright or non typical colours,  contrasting materials – these are sure ways to make an unforgetable statement – if that’s what you like.



Be Yourself.

What better way to dress up an entryway than with personal mementos or items you absolutely love?  In essence, it is the introduction to your home and therefore, should reflect the style or send a message about those who live there.

What do you think of these entryways? Is your entry way a reflection of you and your lifestyle?

( image sources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 )


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  1. stylonylon says:

    Am in love with the top two! Amazing, I want entrances like that :) xx

  2. I also love the first 2 entrances best. Unfortunately I only have a very small one so it’s difficult to do anything with it!

    I do like when it’s casual and informal. Mine is… xx

  3. Hi Holly! I love the parquet and those gorgeous tiles. Reminds me to tidy up my extremely messy and unwelcoming hall. Lovely feature! cXX

  4. You’re right. A hallway or entryway is the first insight to someone’s home… the first clue to what lies ahead and what sort of people they might be. In my hall I have: a large white Componibili Storage Unit, a black Sori Yanagi Elephant Stool from Vitra, a Kartell Take Lamp, a ‘Godmother’ Wall Leaning Clock, a large poster of Madonna (Immaculate Collection era) and a large poster from the Zwack Museum in Budapest. I just need to paint it grey and then it will be finished. Now I don’t know what all of that says about me?!

    I know I don’t like too much exposure though. Keep it hidden and only show what you want people to see. That’s what I think ;-) xx

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