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While the summer is full of outdoorsy adventures, let’s not pretend that winter isn’t based around sitting inside, trying to feel cozy and planning meals. LOTS of meals. If you live in a part of the world, as we do, where Winter is far too large a portion of every year, you will know that the dining room or eating area in your home is a big deal.

A nice big table with lots of nice chairs – so that all your friends and their friends can pop by at a moments notice to eat some pie or something. Now, as far as colour schemes go – my favourite of these three would have to be the one on the bottom left. I find the white extremely beautiful, but white always looks so cold. Too cold to walk on in bare feet. Having grown up in england I am a lover of carpeted floors – and in their absence – rugged floors. I adore the dark teal colour of the wall, the large windows to left light in. The high ceilings are also great because when I spend a lot of time inside, I don’t want to feel trapped!! Anyone else seen that film Cabin Fever !? It’s scary so I would rather not succomb to it.

Which is your favourite?


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  1. Katerina says:

    I absolutely love the white one! Having recently moved to Norway my next step on house renovations is definitely replacing or white washing the floors. It might seem dangerous but actually white is very easy to maintain!

    I just discovered this blog I love it ♥


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