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We've got places to go and people to meet and we want to take you along with us! In our People & Places category you can expect reviews about our visits to cool restaurants or fun exhibitions. We also wish to share more information about our favourite shop owners, curators, designers and bloggers in interview or feature format. We hope you'll join us on our adventures!

strawberry donuts recipe

Valentine’s Day: Love it or Hate it

via Valentine’s day is a contraversial holiday. I personally think it’s sweet but also extremely annoying. Basically if you are in a relationship and you get to be with your partner on the day, then it’s cool. If not.. of course the last thing you want is to be constantly swamped with love hearts on the internet, in shops etc, […] Read more »

wedding centrepiece flowers

Flowers with Passion For Home

Last week Holly, Mina and I styled some flowers for Fashion For Home’s very first Passion For Home series. Passion For Home is their new inspirational journal where you can find home inspiration from cooking and diy to accessorising and even flowers arranging. Mina Holly and I chose to arrange our ranunculas, mimosa and baby breath flowers in these sweet […] Read more »

Justina Blakenley

Blogger of the Month: Justina Blakeney

Good Monday everyone! We hope you had a fabulous weekend. Today, we have a treat for you in the form of Blog of the Month. Justina Blakeney’s blog is a fantastic place for interior inspiration, DIYs, and other visually stunning material.  She recently announced that she is working with publishers Abrams on her first book – named THE NEW BOHEMIANS. […] Read more »

Baking sugar thumb

Baking Sale in Berlin

Happy tuesday all! As some of you may already know, I sold some of my cakes for Sugar Thumb at the Maybachufer Market in Berlin this past Saturday. I was baking for about 8 hours after work on Friday night and my flatmate Jonas came home from work at about 11 to find me covered in flour … But it […] Read more »

Pauly Saal's

Interior of the Week: Pauly Saal’s Restaurant in Berlin

Happy Friday everyone! As my parents are visiting this weekend and they are very much into good food and drink, I was browsing Stil in Berlin for some good restaurants to take them to. They always have wonderful food recommendations and for all those British expats in Berlin who miss a good jacket potato Bixel Exil is reopen in Berlin […] Read more »

Folksy Summer School

Folksy: Summer School

Psssst… have you heard of Folksy yet? If you are a bit of a craft and DIY lover like I am, then you should definitely have a look. If you haven’t heard of them, it can best be described as a platform for crafters and small shops to sell their products and for craft lovers to buy beautiful handmade goods. […] Read more »

Interior Photography

Inspiring People: Rachel Whiting

It is an honour to introduce our third interview from our Inspiring People series. This time we have Rachel Whiting – a British photographer who focuses on Interior Design and interior photography. Voila!: So, tell us about yourself, Rachel. I am a freelance interiors photographer working and living in London. I shoot for many of the well known interiors magazines […] Read more »

WHH at The Hive - Blogger Conference Berlin

We Went to The Hive – Blogger Conference!

  Hey Folks! Mina, Trisha and I went to The Hive last weekend, held here, in Berlin. It was so much fun! For those of you who may not know, The Hive is a European blogger conference. We chatted to some lovely people; some we already knew but finally got to meet in real life, some totally new encounters, and […] Read more »