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image credit: MJ Reilly

Hello! We are so happy to be launching We Heart Home (wh) – a new blog devoted to the wondrous theme of HOME.

The aim of this blog is to celebrate and explore the notion of home from many different vantage points. Of course, being the interior junkies that we are, serving up interior design, decor and DIY inspiration will play a big role. However, we realize that home is a notion that goes beyond creating perfectly designed and  styled spaces. That’s why we plan to dive into other topics like cooking and recipes, cleaning and organization, family and friends, ideas for fun or cozy nights in, exploring what our neighbourhoods have to offer … anything that contributes to that feeling of home.

As much as we wish it grows into a valuable resource for people seeking home life inspiration and information, we also hope it becomes a place where we can share and learn from others. Therefore, another major goal for wh is connecting with inspiring and likeminded people and companies. In this way, we will be able to  exchange knowledge and promote things we find inspiring and worthwhile. That’s why our future plans do include collaborations for fun giveaways, challenges and other creative projects. If you have any thoughts or would be interested in working together or sharing ideas, do contact us, we’d love to have a chat!

Check out our Meet the Bloggers page to learn more about us, the authors. And feel free to stay in touch and spread the word by following us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook, adding us to your circles on Google+, or having fun with us on Pinterest.

So tell us dear readers, we’re dying to know - What does HOME mean to you? Leave a comment below…

‘Till next time,

Trisha & Holly

P.S Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends!

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  1. tina says:

    Congratulations ladies. Excited it’s finally launched:) Great pic of you blogger girls.
    I’m sure this site will be full of inspiration and loveliness. Look forward to visiting and being enthralled.

  2. Nicola says:

    Hello & congratulations!
    This blog will go straight to the top of my list! I really like the look of it and it’s a such a good mixture of different topics.
    So many things to discover for me know… Can’t wait!

  3. maria campanelli says:

    Congrats……Holly !!!!!!! Congrats…….Trisha !!!!!!!

    It fiils up my heart of love !!!!!!!


  4. Holly-So sorry-how did I miss your fabulous launch?! Congratulations girls-fantastic start and all so exciting! :-) Caroline x

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