My Top 5 Teas for a Cold


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Having been ill with a cold over the weekend, I have taken to trying as many teas as possible. One could call me an amateur tea taster. While my preference is normally a strong English Breakfast tea with a lovely dash of milk (Yorkshire tea is my favourite), I think teas of the herbal persuasian are far more soothing in times of sickness.

Here are my top 5 teas for a cold:

1. The Classic:  Honey and Lemon Tea


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2. The Mixed Bag: 1 Peppermint & 1 Camomile in a pot


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3. The Greenest -  Green tea kills bacteria (!!)


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4. The Game Changer – Ginger Tea

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5. The Floral – Elderflower Tea


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Anyone else got any cold-killing tea remedies they want to share?

If you are looking for a really cool, boutiquey tea shop in the UK, Holly shared this with me:  Postcard Teas(London), which she learned about via Tina of the Colourliving blog. Check it out!


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  1. Igor says:

    When I feel like there’s a cold creeping into my body, I switch immediately to lots of tea. I like a homemade ginger tea, with lemon juice and honey. But I keep drinking my green and white tea. I really like the great power of white teas, definitely worth trying if you haven’t!

  2. Trisha, I hope you’re feeling better.

    Now, I don’t do ill but got the flu on the 1st Jan:(
    I live off the teas you so beautifully displayed ALL year round.
    Every morning I have fresh lemon and ginger with hot water.

    During the day I will have Lemon Verbena or Green tea or White tea or Fennel Tea. Sometimes it’s fresh hibiscus.

    If I’m in the mood for something milky, I’ll make a fresh leaved roobois tea with almond milk.

    Thank you for linking to my post x

    • Trisha says:

      Wow, I’m impressed with your tea knowledge and devotion! I should really have some good old lemon tea in the morning.. but I tend to just roll out of bed and run out the door with my eyes still half-closed :S

      Great post – needed to be shared!

  3. Trying fennel tea at the moment which is pretty nice. But I’d prefer a wee hot toddy when a cold’s coming on ;-)

    Hope you’re feeling much better Trisha.

  4. Oh yum these are great suggestions, even without a cold! I love how the ginger tea is called “The Game Changer” ! Really enjoying the new blog, wonderful work!

    • Trisha says:

      Haha, yeah – it really is a game changer, something about ginger just makes me feel so much healther! Could be psycological! Thanks for stopping by Colleen, really glad you like the blog! x

  5. Bek Kaberry says:

    My go to tea when I have a cold is a Classic Game Changer. Lemon, Honey and Fresh Ginger! There’s something about pausing on the swallow to let that ginger sit on the sore throat that really is a game changer, and the lemon and honey makes it taste great!

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