Interior of the Week: an awesome loft

loft living room

Happy Friday to all! Yesterday, I found this awesome loft space via Trendland. The colour scheme kind of reminds me of the last Interior of the Week I featured except this place is much more edgy, more industrial, more eclectic.

loft open plan living and dining

details of dining corner

open plan loft space including kitchen

industrial style kitchen

industrial style kitchen

view into the bedroom

loft bedroom

bedroom with big windows

bathroom vanity, concrete wall, chandelier

reading corner

loft space, massive art wall

all images via Duna River

I love the exposed pipes and ducting, the high ceilings, all the concrete, all the wood, and let’s not forget the glass, the arched windows and the exposed brick. In fact, I love the elements of this space way more than I like the decor. But even though I love the wood ceiling (…actually, is it really wood? I think it could be sheet metal…), I think it feels a bit too heavy somehow. But hey, I’d move in anyway!

My favourite parts of this loft are the bedroom and the space seen in the last image. Massive black and white art in such a space works so well. And the idea of a nice freestanding tub  in the bedroom is somewhat luxurious and sexy.

What do you like best?

Enjoy the weekend!


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  1. Swelle says:

    I see what you mean about the heaviness of the ceiling, it looks as if it may drop at any moment! There is a lot going on here but I do like to see spaces that I would never think of creating myself. I love the arched windows and agree that the freestanding tub in that spacious bedroom is luxurious indeed!

    Denise x

    • Holly says:

      Thanks for your comment Denise! I feel exactly the same way about finding spaces I would never imagine to put together myself – it’s surprising and exciting :)


  2. Firstly my apologies dear Holly that I haven’t commented on here yet! Well done to you both with the new blog :-)

    I agree with your comment about loving the elements of the space more than the decor. With such an industrial aesthetic, I personally think the furnishings and accessories are too bold; perhaps even badly chosen. The owners could use some styling advice ;-)

    Thanks Gxx

    • Holly says:

      Hi G!!! Thanks for popping by here, and please no need to apologize. I agree about the furnishings being too bold and too … disorganized for my taste ;) But it’s different, it’s interesting … I just love to imagine the space with my own ideal furnishings! #lovelydaydreams


  3. Oh no, Mr & Mrs Grey! That’s where we disagree. the furnishings is what makes the space. It’;s alive. It plays with scale and colour and patterns. I absolutely ADORE it! Gosh, if you 2 would get your hands on it, you’ll ruin it:)

    Beautiful find xx

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