Interior of the Week: A Swedish Home


Good Day everyone! My choice for this Interior of the Week is actually a home that is on sale (in Sweden). I found it on which was recommended by the lovely Michelle of The Design Chaser , so if you fancy buying it… get on it ;). I chose this interior because its a wonderful mix of functionality, Scandinavian minimalism and warmth. So many interiors in online magazines today lack personality and character, to the extent that I can hardly believe anyone could ever truly live in them! Here is one that lacks nothing…


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What do you think of this rug? Yay or Nayyy?


A wonderfully Scandinavian touch – with the wooden board and bowls. Wish I knew what this game was called.. anyone else know?


Very minimal, and missing a bath mat I feel… I know my feet would be cold. Unless there is underfloor heating?



Absolutely adore this mustard feature wall, what a lovely print!




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So, what do you all think? Would you want to live here?


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  1. Anna-Lena says:

    a really beautiful place!
    The game is called “Go” (
    old but gold ;-)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Penelope says:

    YES! I want to live there. I especially love the children’s room. So fun! Great post!

  3. Michelle says:

    Thanks Trisha! Another great find on Stadshem. Love the blackboard wall and gold pendant light above the dining table. I’d have to say nay to the shaggy rug but a big yay to the kitchen and kidsroom rugs!! x

  4. YES! I could easily live here! Especially loving the open kitchen diner X

  5. What an eclectic mix – a little mind-numbing for me. I do believe personality in a space is important and can be achieved with a minimal aesthetic. It’s all about the styling and how the space is curated.

    Thanks for sharing.

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