Interior of the Week: contemporary arts and crafts

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Recently, a wh reader mentioned she was looking for interior decor inspiration for her 1920′s home. She wishes to update the feel and adapt the interior look for modern times while still maintaining the essence of the home. So for this Interior of the Week, I decided to show a contemporary version of an Arts and Crafts home.

Arts and Crafts style can be defined by characteristics such as quality, craftsmanship, earthy colours and warmth. It is a style that can be seen as counteractive to Victorian style – which can commonly be associated with cluttered, overly eclectic homes,  probably thanks to the industrial revolution. With Arts and Crafts, its about simplicity, tradition and refinement.

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all images by David Giles via House to Home

I think these images display an interesting mix between that refinement and simplicity we were talking about, while simultaneously feeling fresh, fun and contemporary. The wood mouldings and panelling of the walls, common in Arts and Crafts style homes, have been painted over. Although most of me feels like it’s a sin to do that, a coat of paint is often a great way to achieve that renewed feeling. It’s one way to do it. However, in an effort to refresh, I would have probably went a different way. But I digress. Back to the home.  It has the elegant simplicity of Arts and Crafts but feels revamped thanks to more contemporary interior decor choices like bold pops of pink in the bedroom, the large zebra rug in the hall or that fully glass coffee table in the sitting room, for example.

This home is located in Brondesbury, north London. Read more details about it here.

What do you think of this contemporary Arts and Crafts home?

Have a great weekend folks!


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  1. Suzanne says:

    I really like how more modern elements like the clear coffee table and the mirrors were integrated into the more traditional structure to draw more attention to the traditional elements. Thank you so much for this!

  2. Wow! What a great space… I also love the modern twist… those pops of pink are just very me and I love the fact
    they’ve included dark walls as well as light ones. Very nice… x

  3. It’s a curious movement, Arts & Crafts and the whole William Morris thing, although I do like his Red House architecturally. But ‘twee’ is the word that springs to mind for me. There still appears to be a lot of clutter, even if it is staged clutter. Not one for me sorry ;-) x

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