Incredible Items – gift idea for tea lovers!


a great gift for tea lovers

Attention tea lovers! Now this looks quite fun. It’s called Tea Bag Buddy. We think it’s quite incredible because of its simple, yet multifunctional design. It holds your tea bag and keeps the heat in your cup while steeping, assists in the squeezing process and then conveniently turns into a place to hold your tea bag when no longer needed. Smart, no? Maybe also a good gift idea for this holiday season. What do you think?

how to use Tea Bag Buddy


❤ Holly


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  1. Chris Wong says:

    Hi Holly,

    Yes, this looks like a great idea. The reviews on Container Store were excellent too, and my friend who drinks a lot of tea loved the idea.


  2. maria campanelli says:

    Thanks Holly for sharing the idea. I’ll get a “The Bag Buddy” for sure. Love the idea !!!!!!

  3. Ingenious, this is so clever and what a beautiful design! The where to put the tea bag bit is a constant problem in our house..thanks for sharing this one.

  4. Now this is a fun but really great and practical idea.
    Thank you for sharing xx

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