Recipes: Homemade Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine and Mince pies

Good Morning Everyone! I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. Mine consisted of christmas markets, more christmas markets and plenty of mulled wine to go round – a necessary measure to keep your toes warm!

Delicious as the range of Mulled wine on offer at the markets is, I thought I would try my hand at making my own! It is very easy and pretty foolproof. Goes perfectly with some traditional mini mince pies while watching Miracle on 34th street.

Mulled Wine

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2 bottles of Red wine (Chianti is a good one)

250 grams Caster Sugar

2 Clementines

2 lemons worth of lemon peel

8 cloves

1/2 a vanilla pod

3 cinnamon sticks

12-14 grates of Nutmeg

3 Bay Leaves

What you will need:

A big metal pot

Wine glasses

Wooden Spoon

A stove


  1. Place the sugar in your pot and place over a MEDIUM heat and stir (High heat will burn/caramelise the sugar)
  2. Peel the clementines and lemons and add the peel to the sugar
  3. Squeeze the clementine juice into the pot and stir
  4. Add the cloves, 1/2 a vanilla pod, the cinnamon sticks, bay leaves and nutmeg to the pot and mix again
  5. Add enough red wine to cover the pot mixture and bring to the boil – leave for 3 minutes
  6. Add the rest of the red wine, reduce to low heat and leave to stew for half an hour
  7. Serve hot in wine glasses with mince pies







I hope you guys make this homemade mulled wine – its so easy and takes no time at all – tastes a million times better than ready-made bottle bought stuff!




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  1. Joris says:

    German sangria? haha;)

  2. Well, I don’t drink alcohol so it’s not for me. However, if I were to drink alcohol I would definitely give this one here a go. Looks delicious and prefer home made everybsingle time!!!!

  3. Debs Lee says:

    Sounds delish!! Was just looking at bottles of mulled wine (with all the additives, I guess) in the supermarket … Definitely prefer this option :)

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