Home Inspiration #3: Christmas season

coloured pasta | we heart homevia

Happy Monday people! We hope you had a nice restful weekend – or one full of festivities! I found some wonderful inspiration over the weekend that I thought I would share. Now, I know pasta is hardly festive, but there are those people out there who are not fans of christmas food. Not the stuffing. Not the turkey and DEFINITELY NOT the brussel sprouts. I am not one of them, but I thought that pasta in christmas colours like red and green could be a way of making a non-festive dish a bit more festive.

white christmas decorations | We Heart Homevia

On the other hand, if traditional christmas colour combos like red and green are too much for you. This is for you. Sweet ornaments of woodland creatures like squirrels, foxes and deer. Simple gold stars… and pure, clean white backdrops. Hell… you can even throw in an Eames chair with a sheep’s skin jackets if your feeling luxurious!

mountain photography | we heart homevia

If I’m going to be cold, I want to be somewhere as beautiful as this. Or I want to be on a beach. Grey urban life doesn’t really cut it…

Scandinavian Christmas | We Heart Homevia

Christmas tree in a jar | We Heart Homevia

DIY star decoration | We Heart Homevia

If you are looking for some fun DIY projects to keep your kids busy over the christmas holidays – here are some cool star DIYs. They look cute and take about 10 minutes!

Enjoy and have a good week!


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