Home Inspiration #5

Home Inspiration #5 | We Heart Home

Hello people! Time for a little home inspiration today, where we share images and links that inspire us for all things home – from design to food to cleaning tips and stuff like that… You get it, right?

california home - Home Inspiration #5 | We Heart Home

There’s something about the desert I find really sexy. I don’t think I could actually live in a desert climate (humidity is just way to good for my hair) but I love desert inspired home design. You know, cacti, sandy tones, a relaxed mid century vibe …. if you like that too, do spend some time over at The Brick House blog. Lots of that over there. Anyways, this kitchen you see (which you should be drooling over btw) can be found in a Californian home, just near Palm Springs, which funnily, is also where The Brick House home is.

Thug Life tshirt - Home Inspiration #5 | We Heart Home

My closet could really use some attention, especially with the new season coming up. But I must confess, I hate shopping for clothes. I know, what kind of a girl am I, right? Well, the kind who doesn’t enjoy clothes shopping I guess. Actually, I’ve come to find out that there are many like me out there, more than I imagined. I’m relieved about that.  Anyways, I could totally add this tshirt from Thug Life to my closet. Not only because everyone needs a few good slogan tshirts, but because it’s also true, ha! I love napping.

I’d also happily own this tshirt, this one and this one. But then, that many might be a bit over the top, eh?

Theorem lamp by DAMM - Home Inspiration #5 | We Heart Home

This Theorem lamp by DAMM is just so beautiful. So beautiful. And I love how its creators describe it:

Theorem is an LED desk lamp inspired by the hypotenuse of a right triangle. Bonus points if you can recall from your school days what Pythagoras had to say about this special side.

Hand turned solid Ash base, dyed black, with a natural beeswax finish.

The solid brass neck is hand formed then lightly hand polished. We leave the brass natural to develop its own patina. It changes slowly as it lives with you.

A solid brass, hand spun paraboloid shade is lightly polished and left natural, then fitted to the neck.

Uses an included 12 volt, 3W LED wafer bulb. Inline switch. Embossed leather bottom pad.

- design studio DAMM

copper marble candle holder DIY - Home Inspiration #5 | We Heart Home

Last week, I stumbled upon this fabulous candle holder diy that looks pretty easy and super stylish. Just a copper tube, some clay, a little time in the oven and voila! Check out the instructions on the fabulous Felted Fox blog.

Aything inspiring you on the home front that you’d like to share with us?

❤ Holly



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  1. I can see you with all these T-shirts, cute, just like you…. x

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