Healthy Meals for the New Year

Many of us found ourselves fully indulging in all the delicious goodness on offer at the dinner table. I feel like I completely overindulged – and quite rightly! That’s what that time of year is for! But now, I am trying to get back on the path of righteous nutrition. I found some absolutely divine looking recipes from around the foodie blogosphere, to share with anyone else who wants to get back on track and back in shape.

1. Tamarind Beef salad
Thai Beef Salad

2. Spiced Yoghurt Chickpea and Beetroot Salad

Spiced Yoghurt Chick pea and beetroot salad

3. Miso Tahini Soup

Miso Tahini Soup

4. Grilled Fish Tacos

healthy Fish Tacos Recipe | We Heart Home

5. Shiitake Soba Soup

miso soba soup / @loveandlemons

Can anyone else recommend some great healthy meals and recipes? We would love to see them!


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  1. I’m on the same righteous path after having indulged over the Christmas and New Year period. The dishes you’ve picked look delicious, for me the Tamarind Beef Salad and Healthy Fish Tacos are a standout. Thanks for the ideas.

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