DIY Tutorial: Christmas cards with ribbon

Holly and I were looking around the “blogosphere” for some homemade christmas card ideas. We stumbled accross this lovely blog Pinjacolada and absolutely love these minimalist christmas tree cards. What do you guys think?

While Holly loves the minimalism of the yarn, I wanted to add some christmas sparkle with some glittery, thick ribbons instead. We compromised by going for thinner, more simple ribbon like this:

xmas card diy ribbon

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What you will need:

 Sheets of A4/A5 red card

Assorted thin ribbons (colours of your choice)

 A very thick sewing needle with an eye big enough for the ribbons


How To:

handmade xmas card diy instructions

1. Take a piece of red A4 card and fold in half

2. Cut the A4 (in half) down the fold

3. Mark the dots where you will be threading the ribbon through – this is at your discretion, depending on what kind of tree you would like: big/small/wide/thin.

4. Pierce the holes with a LARGE (thick and with a large eye to thread the thin ribbon through) needle

5. Use the different coloured ribbons to thread through altenatate rows on the christmas shape. Then knot both ends of each piece of ribbon to secure. Cut off the excess once you have knotted (*Note: make sure you use plenty of ribbon so that you have enough to knot)


handmade xmas cards

They are pretty rustic looking but so easy to make and would work with so many colour combinations. If you have any questions about where to source things, just let me know in a comment and I will try to help. But normally your local craft shop would stock these kind of things.

Happy DIYing & Thank You to Pinja from Pinjacolada for the inspiration!




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  1. Lucy says:

    Lovely! I will definitely be trying this!x

  2. tina says:

    Hmmm, cute idea and could be applied to lots of things. I would experiment more with cards and ribbons, which is key here.

    I’m still thinking about my home-made cards this year but am quickly running out of time x

  3. Ohh this is a great idea and so easy to achieve, the cards look beautiful!


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