Dear Chairman: Norah meets Charlotte

Dear Chairman: Norah meets Charlotte

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Hey folks! Back with another installment of Dear Chairman – where our Fashion For Home chair, Norah, hits the streets of Berlin in search of stylish encounters. This time Norah meets Charlotte.

Not only were we charmed by Charlotte’s sweet smile and willing demeanour towards Norah, but we loved her cozy, casual style as well. Her knit coat is from 24 Colours and we loved the surprising yellow trim around the sleeves. In addition, the urban style hat and Vans sneakers complement the delicate floral H&M scarf nicely, offering a contrasting dimension to her look.

What’s your favourite part of Charlotte’s street style?

Holly & Trisha



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  1. Oh, I also love the knitted coat with yellow trim and that scarf. Charlotte wears that look well and surprisingly also has nail varnish on nails:) very nice indeed! x

    • Trisha says:

      Thanks Tina :) She pulls it off very well… I have been searching for a coat with this one in mind.. but alas 24 colours have sold out!

      Hope you’re well and Happy New Year!

      Trisha Xx

  2. I love this idea for a series. Love the yellow peeking through and her scarf…she is cute

    • Trisha says:

      Hi ALbertina

      Thanks – we really enjoyed going out and making the series in Berlin. Hopefully in the summer we will be able to find out what people are actually wearing beneath their winter coats!


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