Blogger of the Month – Nordic Bliss

blog of the month Nordic Bliss

- oh so nordic! (lamp, antlers) -

Hello there! We are pleased to present another wh feature today – Blog of the Month! Every month we will be inviting one of our favourite bloggers over here and asking them a few questions about their work and about their thoughts on home design and home in general.

Our very first Blog of the Month is Nordic Bliss. Do you know it? If not yet, then you’ll be happy you decided to stop by here today. Nordic Bliss is a beautiful and continually inspiring shelter blog written by the lovely Marianne, who is originally from Norway and now living in the UK. If you love Scandinavian and Nordic style interiors, then you will really enjoy this blog. Also, Marianne runs an online shop in conjunction with her blog, where she offers up a perfectly curated assortment of items for the home.

NB. all images in this post are courtesy of Nordic Bliss.

blog of the month Nordic Bliss

- we’re smitten with these old fashioned scissors -

Let’s begin shall we?

. . .

Tell us a bit about your blogging / online shop story? How did it come about?

In Scandinavia, almost every person has a blog and everyone reads blogs. I have followed a very large number of fashion and interior blogs since I was 20. It was partly my way of staying in touch with what was happening in Sweden. This is also what developed my personal style preferences. In Scandinavia, you spend time at home, you don’t work as long hours, and you invite people home for a coffee or for dinner quite regularly. When I finished my degree and moved in with my husband, we started looking for furniture and decorative items for our home. I often found things on these Scandinavian blogs that I loved, but couldn’t buy in the UK. So I thought to myself “Maybe there are others in this country who also want access to these things?”

What home (decor, diy, organization, remodel) project is next on your list?

Christmas decorating! This Christmas will be our first Christmas in England. We have lived here for 7 years but have always been going to Denmark or Sweden for Christams to visit my parents or my in-laws. But since my parents moved to England this year, my side of the family is coming here. That means that we will be buying a Christmas tree for the first time. A proper one. I am thinking about what decorations to get for the tree if I should go red and gold or red and white. Because I love tradition when it comes to Christmas, red is a classic choice. I am also thinking about whether it should be a real tree, a potted tree, or one of those plastic ones that lives forever. I am loving all the choices.

What is your favourite interior style/aesthetic?

I think if someone else were to describe my style they would say “wood, white and grey”. I myself think that I have quite a varied style, and I like to try different things in the home. In our living room, I have a latte coloured paint on the walls, darker wood, knits, brown and black, more patina, slightly darker and with a few industrial items. In the bedroom I have mostly white, with textiles and bedlinen in pale grey and some cushions and accessories in pastels. I am renting so I don’t actually want to mention the kitchen as it is a brown and orange 80s style and I really don’t know what to do with it to try and make it look nicer. It took me a while to figure out what my style was, I have tried a couple of “trends” such as the French vintage/shabby chic style, the romantic Cath Kidston items, but it wasn’t really me. I have to say Pinterest was a big help for me to nail down what my style actually is. If you are struggling to find out what your style is then I suggest going to your Pinterest boards and see if there seems to be an overall theme that you are drawn towards. I think once you know what you like and what matches that style it becomes so much easier to create a beautiful home. For me, it is just as much about taking away as adding when it comes to styling. I am definitely a “less is more” girl.

What is your interior style turn-off?

Clashing colours and patterns have never been a favourite of mine. I have also struggled with wallpaper in bold patterns, those golden “sun mirrors” and anything that is “kitsch” – for example, pink hairy polyester pillows, dark purple satin sheets, etc. As I mentioned I think less is more, so when people cram too many pieces of furniture into a room and it feels crowded I find it hard to relax and feel comfortable there. And that is really what it is all about to me, how does a room make me feel? I would like to feel calm and relaxed in a room.

What does home mean to you?

Home is so important to me. When I come home from a busy day at the office I would have to start answering email and blogging while my husband starts packing orders that we received during the day. But it is also the place where I can relax and slow down.
Home is where my family is, where I can put my feet up, it is familiar and comfortable, a safe place where I can recover from a busy day at work.

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blog of the month Nordic Bliss

- how charming! (wool rug, reindeer cushion) -

blog of the month Nordic Bliss

- we love the feel of a Nordic Bliss christmas … (star, clay tree decor) -

Thank you Marianne for taking the time to answer our questions. We are so happy to feature you here. And thank you readers for joining us :)


–  Trisha & Holly



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