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We are very proud to present our Blog of the Month for February – From Gem With Love. If you aren’t already familiar with Gemma Johnson’s lifestyle blog, you should get yourselves acquainted. From awesome outfit posts to food and the planning of her wedding next year, Gemma’s blog offers tips, tasty treats and most of all stunning photos for everyone to enjoy.  She has also just launched a food blog called A Little Cup. As a professional photographer, Gemma has taken quite a few stunners in her time which you can find on either of her sites and we interviewed her to get some tips! Here’s what we found out…

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When did your interest in photography begin?

In college, we were set a Photography module in our Art & Design course. As soon as I stepped foot into a dark room, it was instant love.


Which photographers have influenced your work most strongly?

I love Todd Porter, Diane Cu, Tom Leishman, Rankin.

I have noticed that food photography is something you come back to again and again on From Gem With Love, is this your main area of interest?

I would say so, mainly because it combines my two passions: Food and Photography. If I could Photograph food for the rest of my life I would be happy, although it’s very tricky. I see food as an art form, thinking of compositions within a plate is very creative.

What’s your dream camera?

A Canon 5d Mark III, or a Canon Rebel Xti – if only.


Which camera would you like to get just for fun?
A Nikon 1, a great point and shoot camera with great lens function.

Which are your 3 favourite photographs that you have taken and why?

My three favourite photographs were all took in split seconds and were on nearly all occassions, my last shot of the day. They are:

Old Man Rvers

Old Man Rivers, an enchanting gentleman I shot asleep on the train – he captured my heart and it has remained my favourite shot ever since. I really wish I had taken more time with my composition.

Come away with me.

This black and white shot.


All images via FromGemWithLove

And a picture I shot in Brecon Beacons – beauty at it’s most natural.

What tip would you give to people who are starting out with a basic DSLR?

Exactly that, learn the basics. So many people spend hundreds of pounds buying DSLRs just to keep them on auto, and go on to buy other lens’s thinking their pictures will be better. You have to learn and understand the basic functions of your camera before you can get the best of it. Anyone can own a camera, not everyone can be a photographer.


What does home mean to you?

My Mother’s house, sitting in front of her coal fire, with the dog on my feet and sweet cup of tea.

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A big thanks for Gemma for taking the time to answer our questions and for all the beautiful images she sent over!

  Holly & Trisha

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  1. Hi Holly & Trisha, Love all of Gemma’s favourite photos and the interview. Going to check out A Little Cup now. Thank you.

  2. Lovely to meet Gemma. Nice first photo of her:-)

    That shot taken taken in Brecon Beacons is breathtaking…. lovely post girls xx

  3. Albertina says:

    Beautifuphol photos and advice! I’m clicking over to learn more about her. Thanks for the intro!

  4. Great photography. The kid & older man are very cool. Gemma seems a lovely girl, even if her blog is a tad too girly for me. I wish her all the best!

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