using colour in interiors

A guide to Colour in interiors

I often love in other people’s interiors what I am too scared to do in mine. That is definitely the case with these flamboyant and vibrant looks. Using colour in interiors takes a LOT of planning. I feel that you can’t simply throw together a lot of colours without a clear plan – or you will end up with something […] Read more »

strawberry donuts recipe

Valentine’s Day: Love it or Hate it

via Valentine’s day is a contraversial holiday. I personally think it’s sweet but also extremely annoying. Basically if you are in a relationship and you get to be with your partner on the day, then it’s cool. If not.. of course the last thing you want is to be constantly swamped with love hearts on the internet, in shops etc, […] Read more »

wedding centrepiece flowers

Flowers with Passion For Home

Last week Holly, Mina and I styled some flowers for Fashion For Home’s very first Passion For Home series. Passion For Home is their new inspirational journal where you can find home inspiration from cooking and diy to accessorising and even flowers arranging. Mina Holly and I chose to arrange our ranunculas, mimosa and baby breath flowers in these sweet […] Read more »

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Home Inspiration #4: A mixed bag

via As you all know, the internet is a sophisticated maze of beautiful (and some hideous) images and websites. Here are my favourite of the beautiful and inspiring ones for this week. The colder it gets, the harder I find it to get out of bed. Whereas in the summer when the sun is shining through the curtains I jump […] Read more »

Dining room inspiration | We Heart Home

Rooms We Heart: Dining In Style

While the summer is full of outdoorsy adventures, let’s not pretend that winter isn’t based around sitting inside, trying to feel cozy and planning meals. LOTS of meals. If you live in a part of the world, as we do, where Winter is far too large a portion of every year, you will know that the dining room or eating […] Read more »

Healthy Fish Taco recipe

Healthy Meals for the New Year

Many of us found ourselves fully indulging in all the delicious goodness on offer at the dinner table. I feel like I completely overindulged – and quite rightly! That’s what that time of year is for! But now, I am trying to get back on the path of righteous nutrition. I found some absolutely divine looking recipes from around the […] Read more »

eclectic home design | We Heart Home

Eclectic Home Design: A Portland Home Tour

I am trying to slowly move away from the one dimensional nature of the minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic that has been headlining on the interior scene recently. Don’t get me wrong – I adore it.  But my sister and her husband just bought their first home and were asking me for some interior inspiration and I felt a bit stumped. I […] Read more »

Swedish country home at christmas

Christmas Home Tour

Not a fan of gold glittery ball balls, candy canes and lots and lots of tinsle? Have no fear – this home manages to encapsulate christmas traditions without being an eyesore. Of course it is Scandinavian and I know many people will feel that Scandinavian interiors have been overdone this past year. BUT I really do believe that the Scandinavians […] Read more »

Dining room inspiration | We Heart Home

Rooms we heart: Dining rooms

via Happy monday guys. I hope your weekends were good! Now, the Christmas posts in the blogosphere are taking over a bit, so I thought I should give everyone a break. I have been thinking for a while now about redoing my dining room and have been looking for some inspiration. Here are my favourite three! I love this wooden […] Read more »