Home Inspiration #5

Hello people! Time for a little home inspiration today, where we share images and links that inspire us for all things home – from design to food to cleaning tips and stuff like that… You get it, right? There’s something about the desert I find really sexy. I don’t think I could actually live in a desert climate (humidity is […] Read more »

Home Tour Berlin apartment | We Heart Home

Home Tour: a quietly sophisticated Berlin apartment

  So as usual, I’m checking what’s new on Fantstic Frank. You know, that amazingly inspiring Swedish real estate website that takes amazing pictures? They just expanded to Germany this year, with a new office in Berlin.  Which is fabulous because now I can daydream over these places knowing they are not so far away. Don’t know if that’s a […] Read more »


xmas trees: alternative ideas

I have a little problem with traditional xmas trees. I do love the how festive they are, but I don’t like the logisitcs behind the whole thing. First of all, cutting down a tree, just to put in your home for a while and then throw out feels horrible to me. The sight of tree carcasses lining the sidewalks in […] Read more »

Rooms We Heart: dark rooms | We Heart Home

Rooms We Heart: dark rooms

It must be the weather. But when it comes to interiors inspiration,  I just can’t get enough of dark rooms these days. More specifically, rooms with dark walls. Dark rooms feel quiet somehow. It’s almost as though not only light gets absorbed, but sound too. Deciding to paint your walls dark can be understandably daunting. And some of you may wonder […] Read more »

6 films for a cozy night in | We Heart Home

6 films for a cozy night in

It’s November. In Berlin, that means dark, wet and chilly. The notion that winter is approaching in giant steps is becoming a reality. I wish I was a bear and could just hibernate all winter. But since I can’t do that, the next best thing is getting cozy at home as often as possible. That means blankets, candles, hot drinks, […] Read more »

Concord Pendant Light | We Heart Home

Incredible Items: Concorde pendant light

We’re so glad that Gabriel Nigro, a Danish designer of Uruguayan/ Argentine descent, shared his new project with us. A fabulous pendant light called Concorde. Concorde has a sweet story behind it. The idea came about when Nigro was showing his young daughter how to fold paper airplanes. As he looked at these paper planes he thought, this could so be […] Read more »

get the look - Cozy Home Office | We Heart Home

Get the Look: a cozy home office

Hi Folks! How many of you out there work from home? How many of you work outside the home, but still have a designated space in your house for projects and paperwork that sort of feels like a home office? I wish I had that. My workspace at home consists of my dining table and an old Lufthansa flight trolley […] Read more »

Rooms We Heart: rooms for kids with tipis | We Heart Home

Rooms We Heart: rooms for kids with tipis

Hey there! Are you having a good day? For this installation of Rooms We Heart, I felt like sharing some fabulous rooms for kids. But not just any old kids rooms – ones with tipis in them! Check it out:   Tipis and tents are quite fun! Every kid should have one, don’t you think? Whether in their playroom or their bedroom,  it […] Read more »