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At Home is a personal category. Here we post about all kinds of topics that take place in the home, such as cooking and recipes, cleaning and organizing tips and other home leisure activities that inspire us. In the future, we would also like to feature our readers own homes ... so if you're proud of your humble abode, send us some pics! We'd love to show them off.

using colour in interiors

A guide to Colour in interiors

I often love in other people’s interiors what I am too scared to do in mine. That is definitely the case with these flamboyant and vibrant looks. Using colour in interiors takes a LOT of planning. I feel that you can’t simply throw together a lot of colours without a clear plan – or you will end up with something […] Read more »


Home Inspiration #5

Hello people! Time for a little home inspiration today, where we share images and links that inspire us for all things home – from design to food to cleaning tips and stuff like that… You get it, right? There’s something about the desert I find really sexy. I don’t think I could actually live in a desert climate (humidity is […] Read more »

best coffees

Home Inspiration #4: A mixed bag

via As you all know, the internet is a sophisticated maze of beautiful (and some hideous) images and websites. Here are my favourite of the beautiful and inspiring ones for this week. The colder it gets, the harder I find it to get out of bed. Whereas in the summer when the sun is shining through the curtains I jump […] Read more »

Healthy Fish Taco recipe

Healthy Meals for the New Year

Many of us found ourselves fully indulging in all the delicious goodness on offer at the dinner table. I feel like I completely overindulged – and quite rightly! That’s what that time of year is for! But now, I am trying to get back on the path of righteous nutrition. I found some absolutely divine looking recipes from around the […] Read more »

Swedish country home at christmas

Christmas Home Tour

Not a fan of gold glittery ball balls, candy canes and lots and lots of tinsle? Have no fear – this home manages to encapsulate christmas traditions without being an eyesore. Of course it is Scandinavian and I know many people will feel that Scandinavian interiors have been overdone this past year. BUT I really do believe that the Scandinavians […] Read more »

barley and pecorino

Vegetarian Recipes for Christmas

Today, I was thinking about Christmas and how dominated it is by meat. Don’t get my wrong – as a meat-eater that is great for me. But I have often seen vegetarian friends’ faces drop as everyone tucked into their steaming hot turkey and gravy and they are served with a pile of beige matter often feebly named “nut roast”. […] Read more »

christmas plant decoration

Christmas Plants: some favourites

all images ©Wehearthome On our way back from lunch the other day, we got lured into a plant shop close to our office. There was all this beautiful greenery on display and it made us feel insanely festive. We decided to grab a few plants and bring them back with us to share with our collegues. They were delighted and […] Read more »

Flower centrepiece | We Heart Home

Home Inspiration #2

       Happy Home Inspiration & Monday. Here is some more home inspiration for you all! 1. Recently, festive decorations have been more subtle – love the leafless tree and round fairy lights. Christmasy but not overkill. 2. Such a lovely photo – I am a breadstick LOVER 3. My jewelry box and make-up area is a mess – this is […] Read more »

6 films for a cozy night in | We Heart Home

6 films for a cozy night in

It’s November. In Berlin, that means dark, wet and chilly. The notion that winter is approaching in giant steps is becoming a reality. I wish I was a bear and could just hibernate all winter. But since I can’t do that, the next best thing is getting cozy at home as often as possible. That means blankets, candles, hot drinks, […] Read more »