5 Foods: The Best Chocolate Cake Recipes

There are no two ways about it, I am a chocoholic. I love tarts covered in fruit .. but i also love to finish them off with a heavy dollap of melted chocolate. But one thing I feel is that people take for granted that a good chocolate cake is easy to make. I went to a cake shop the other day for some tea… and without sounding like a snob, the chocolate cake was very dissapointing, dispite the rest of the cakes being wonderful. It was dry, and a bit hard and definitely did not ressemble the iconic Mathilda chocolate cake that the trunchball force feeds one of her naughty students.

So, I thought it was time to take it back to basics. Here are my 5 favourite recipes for different takes on a classic chocolate cake.

1. Espresso and Chocolate Cake
Devil's Food Cake with Espresso Ganache || FoodieCrush

What I love about this recipe:

The secret ingredient is boiling hot water. It makes this cakes so incredibly moist… even after a couple of days, there is no dryness in sight.

2. Chocolate and Nougat cake

nougat & hazelnut chocOlate cake | helt enkelt

This recipe is in Swedish – but I just use Google translate and it all worked out perfectly!

3. Chocolate and Hazlenut Mudslide Cake

haselnut chocolate mud cake.jpg

Two layers of chocolate sponge and one of hazelnut… means there is crunch and richness. But again, the yoghurt means the cake remains moist and heart-wrenchingly delicious… even if I do say so myself.

4. Chocolate Pound Cake

If you love chocolate cake but you are trying to be good … here is a deliciously low-fat recipe, making sure that you don’t have to go without!

5. Chocolate & Beetroot Cake

Chocolate Beet Cake

So far, hot water and yoghurt have helped to bring moisture and succulence to our chocolate cakes. But beetroot makes an appearance and helps with the same issues! I love the brownie/red hue of this sponge and the clever stencil of a beetroot on the front of the cake!

Anyone want to recommend another amazing chocolare cake recipe? The more the merrrier!


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