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Weekly Wishlist: working it fresh

1. (source unkown, please share) 2. succulents 3. lamp 4. Panton chair 5. oak table Already time for another Weekly Wishlist! This week I’ve been focusing on “working it fresh”. By this I mean, keeping my ideas fresh, my environment fresh, my meals and my mood fresh … maybe I’m just that excited for spring?! Together, the items I chose […] Read more »


Rooms We Heart: the cactus factor

I was completely inspired by Trisha’s post yesterday about house plants. My house plant of choice would have to be the cactus, and I’ve been considering it for a while now. So this Rooms We Heart is dedicated to the cactus factor. I found so many great images of interiors featuring cacti (ugh, I really dislke that word!) and now […] Read more »


Plant Heaven: Choose the Right One

While many of us have tried to spice up our interior with a plant scattered here and there, not all of us are naturally greenfingered. I must admit, I have killed many a plant in my time! In hindsight I should have chosen a plant which not only suited my interior but suited my personality… something easy to grow and […] Read more »


Interior of the Week: a blank slate

This home evokes emotion for me. Good or bad, I’m not exactly sure. However,  I am sharing it as my Interior of the Week because I’m enjoying letting my imagination run wild with what could be done with this blank slate. The interior architecture is quite interesting, don’t you find? This Barcelona home was designed by ArquitecturaG. At first glance, […] Read more »

Wooden products

Weekly Wishlist: Wooden it be nice..

1 wooden kitchen stuff 2 toy cars 3 wooden lego pieces 4 cute wooden cups 5 asta chair Sometimes, I like to think about a simpler time, when carpentry was the king of minimalist interior design and home decoration. From toys to chairs, this wish list is devoted to all things made of wood, from smaller, lesser-known shops. Ages ago […] Read more »

YOnkel Ork-berlin-shop-1

Visiting: YOnkel Ork

  Over the weekend I discovered a little shop in my neighbourhood: YOnkel Ork. Love the name! With all the bright, fun decor streamers outside, how could I not enter? Once inside I was transported to a land of fun, cuteness and curiosities! There were people coming in and out of this shop like you wouldn’t believe! Of course, my […] Read more »


Interior of the Week: Monochromatic Bliss

This Interior of the Week is of Netta Natalia’s (of Likainen Park) wonderfully monochromatic home.  For those into the whole black and white interiors thing, this should be exciting. The building is an old factory and I can’t believe how wonderfully styled and beautiful everything is – I am jealous! She describes her interior style as one which favours “lots of […] Read more »

Weekly Wishlist: quiet delights | We Heart Home

Weekly Wishlist: quiet delights

  1. wire metal bowl  2. bird   3. herringbone tile   4. flush mount celing light   5. circle of books It’s Valentine’s day, and my Weekly Wishlist has nothing to do with it … well, maybe the message is appropriate. Quiet delights – can be a nice theme to celebrate for Valentine’s day, don’t you think? A nice break from all […] Read more »


5 Pieces of Art

If I could have any 5 pieces of art in my home, it would be these. Some of them are undeniably out of my price range – such at Acqua by italian artist Corrado Zeni, which you can buy from Saatchi online for over 3,000 dollars. Its the wonderful use of colour and the blurry aesthetic which attracted me the […] Read more »