selection of pendant lights

Weekly Wishlist: pretty pendant lights

1. Pressed Glass Light 2. Calabash lights 3. Top light 4. Pallas pendant light 5. Classic NUD lights I’m dreaming of pendant lights … maybe I need some for my apartment. I have 3 ceiling outlets that still need fixtures. I’m thinking the one in my entry way could at least do with one. I would take any of the […] Read more »

Fashion For Home red Norah chair in Berlin

Dear Chairman: Norah meets Asinho

Norah’s back! This time, she encounters the cool and collected Asinho. Even though they just met, they sat together like old time friends. Both of them so very chill and stylish against the stone and concrete Berlin backdrop around Weinmeisterstraße Ubahn station. Aren’t his shoes cool? We found out they’re from Chivalrous Culture, which we’d never heard of before. While […] Read more »

20s cocktails list

Recipe: terrific 20s cocktails

  The roaring 20s seems to be a buzz topic lately, and that’s really fine with us. It was a time of prosperity (especially in the US), jazz, parties, the Charleston, flappers, hooch, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Bauhaus, Winne the Pooh, Art Deco and Al Capone. Good times. To keep up the mood here, we’re sharing a few of our favourite […] Read more »

apple cupcakes

Recipe: Stewed Apple Cupcakes

  WeHeartHome© Hi bakers and sweet tooths! Ok, ok so maybe I’m a little bit cupcake mad… but I just love how cute they look and how you can easily do anything with them! This week I had a hankering for my mum’s apple crumble, but I knew my flatmates wouldn’t be keen on something as exotic as crumble… So […] Read more »

contemporary arts and crafts 5

Interior of the Week: contemporary arts and crafts

Recently, a w❤h reader mentioned she was looking for interior decor inspiration for her 1920′s home. She wishes to update the feel and adapt the interior look for modern times while still maintaining the essence of the home. So for this Interior of the Week, I decided to show a contemporary version of an Arts and Crafts home. Arts and Crafts […] Read more »


Weekly Wishlist: Navy Neutrals

  1 2 3 4 5  Maybe its the snow and the chilly weather, but this week I found myself drawn to far more neutral or subtle tones for the home and for my wardrobe. Interior-wise, I think this Anthopologie lamp, Urbanara cushion and lovely wooden candlesticks from Fashion For Home would look really cosy together. A few scented candles […] Read more »


My Top 5 Teas for a Cold

Image via Having been ill with a cold over the weekend, I have taken to trying as many teas as possible. One could call me an amateur tea taster. While my preference is normally a strong English Breakfast tea with a lovely dash of milk (Yorkshire tea is my favourite), I think teas of the herbal persuasian are far more […] Read more »

air leaf mini by nendo

Incredible Items: Air Leaf Mini by Nendo

  I was browsing through Nendo‘s recent projects and came across this very sweet Air Leaf Mini. Designed for Mikuni, it’s basically a small air purification device that you can attach the frame of your indoor fan. The flowing air passes through the device, through these tiny beads that are infused with fir tree oil extract. This naturally reduces carbon […] Read more »

Valentine Cupcakes

Recipe: CupidCakes

Its been a while since we published a recipe, so I thought it was about time. This cupcake is my own personal creation without the aid of any other recipe… and I have to say I’m pretty proud of how it turned out! I call them CupidCakes in ode to Valentine’s day! My CupidCakes came to realisation thanks for Sybille […] Read more »

Swedish Home

Interior of the Week: A Swedish Home

Good Day everyone! My choice for this Interior of the Week is actually a home that is on sale (in Sweden). I found it on which was recommended by the lovely Michelle of The Design Chaser , so if you fancy buying it… get on it ;). I chose this interior because its a wonderful mix of functionality, Scandinavian […] Read more »