Uno Card Game - We Heart Nights In

We Heart Nights In: Uno!

  If you’re like me, the holidays mean there are bound to be a few cozy nights in with family and friends, enjoying each other’s company while reminiscing and laughing. Often times we play board games or card games. This year, I’m going to push UNO on everyone.  You know that card game? Even though UNO was originally developed in […] Read more »

Weekly Wishlist - a Christmas Daydream

Weekly Wishlist: a Christmas daydream

1. cozy blankets ceramic cups 3. mistletoe 4. Wolf 5. simple modern sofa   6. round mirror In 4 days it’s Christmas eve! Can you believe it? I hardly can. On my Weekly Wishlist this time, I’ve got some last minute Christmas wishes to share. I would be over the moon if any of these home design wishes came true. Actually, grouped […] Read more »


Top 10 Christmas Films

Every year at about this time, TV channels start bombarding us with christmas films. For those of you who adore the really good ones but don’t have time to watch the whole lot,  here is a definitive list of christmas films that you should stop your wrapping, basting & decorating and pay attention to! These will really get you in […] Read more »

Home Style Guide: The Scandinavian Look

Home Style Guide: the Scandinavian look

  We’re really excited to share the start of a new feature here at WeHeartHome called Home Style Guide. We will be examining different interior styles by outlining their basic elements. Since home design is so important to us, we hope that these guides will offer a brief overview of the style in question, so that one may better understand […] Read more »


Our Friends´ Favourites: Anna Simeonov

Hi everyone, and welcome to our very first Friends’ Favourites. This week we will be talking to the lovely Anna from Fashion For Home’s Online Marketing and SEO department.   Enjoy! Anna, what is your favourite FFH product? The red Aldgate armchair because its looks so comfy. It’s like a wonderful little haven! Whats your favourite colour? ❤Purple Have you […] Read more »


Rooms We Heart: Open Fireplaces

Image Sources: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right When it comes to fireplaces, the choice is simply staggering. Are you more of a traditionalist, who loves to be able to hang stockings over a fireplace at christmas? Or does your style scream modernist, prefering the sleek “no frills” Scandinavian hearth? As you probably know already from the We […] Read more »